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July 14, 2017


22: It been noted that has gotten himself motivated throughout the playoffs by watching Godfather Trilogy. So as the families sit down for Game 6, it an offer he can refuse at The Q.

21: The richest man is the one with the most powerful friends. With Andrew Bogut out for the rest of the season with an injured left knee, the go with back as a starter. They call it strength in numbers.

19: These aren the Warriors early that won a record 73 regular season cheap jerseys
games and built a 3 1 lead in the series. They not moving the ball. Too much one on one with guys ? Steph Curry and ? trying to do too much by themselves.

18: Never let anyone know what you are thinking. If the Cavs had the least bit of doubt about what it would take to make history, they not showing it.

17: It not just that 31 11 marks lowest scoring first quarter of the playoffs by the Warriors, but it looked like they all rather be next door with at a baseball game.

16: Can you get me off the hook? For old times sake? Back on the court after he said himself that he cost Golden State a chance to wrap up the championship in Game 5, Green is less like a lightning rod and more of a crutch.

15: Bogut lost for the series, Iguodala goes to the locker room due to tightness in his back. But what really ailing is Warriors offense that made just 10 of 43 shots going back to fourth quarter of Game 5.

14: As Iguodala hobbles around the court with an obviously aching back, it means the Warriors have lost the spine of their defense. This strength in numbers stuff is getting stretched to the limit.

13: I can handle things smart and I want respect. For team that lost Games 1 and 2 by a combined 48 points, LeBron and are the two most confident, aggressive players players on the court. But nobody having more fun and making more noise than at both ends of the floor.

12: Just when he rolling with a 13 point quarter and Warriors have crept back to within eight points, Curry tosses up what Kerr called 40 footer that broke momentum. Then he reaches in from behind Irving to pick up his third foul and a two time MVP just has to be smarter than that.

11: How do you spell bandwagon? Jay Z and Beyonce.

10: Your enemies always get strong on what you leave behind. Warriors leave behind 29 misses in 44 first half shots and enough chances for the Cavs to pound out 22 points in the paint.

9: It a Sicilian message. It means shot sleeps with the fishes.

8: Everything that has happened starts with the Golden State misses. And there sure have been plenty.

7: Look who is it. Love drops in a corner 3 and has a half dozen points in the third quarter to keep Warriors at arm length. Steel. He also ferocious going to the basket, so when James is also knocking down his 3 pointers, too, he might as well be a basketball monopoly.

4: And if the Warriors need an inspiration to keep up the fourth quarter fight against long odds, they need only look at the guy inside that gaudy blue jacket ? Craig Sager.

3: He pulling up for 3s, attacking the paint, bailing out a bad offensive possession by knocking in 16 footers and he making back breaking put backs. Can the social media world really keep alive the myth that LeBron is an underachiever? He scored 18 consecutive Cleveland points in the second half finishes with 41 points, 11 assists and eight rebounds.


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