game phase as NFL draft approaches

October 1, 2017


So, me as the athlete, where else do I have to go? I can’t negotiate a better deal. There is no minor league football. There is no other gig that’s going to pay me what I’m worth so I’m kind of stuck. I would almost consider it an antitrust problem. Like I said it’s become a monopoly. The NFL doesn’t allow you to go to cheap authentic jerseys
the NFL out of high school. And not only that, but you look at coach Whit and his staff they get their fair market value. So who’s to say that they’re worth more than the guys that are playing and grinding it out? And I don’t have a problem with those guys making their money, that’s what they’re worth. This is no longer an amateur sport. It’s a professional sport.

For example, the University of Texas is worth $180 million their football team OK, this isn’t the days of Woody Hayes making $60,000 a year as a football coach and you have two nationally televised games a year and you make enough money to break even. This is a day where football is professional and basketball is professional in the NCAA and so players should be compensated as well as the staff, where you’ve got janitors making more money here than we are as players. So that’s how I feel about it.

A: I think coach (Dave) Christensen is going to come in and do some great things with the offense. I think Utah has had a rich tradition on defense over the years. I think that will continue with Kalani (Sitake) and coach (Kyle) Whittingham. I really think if they have a quarterback that can start and finish the season it will make a difference. We harped on it last year. I was there five years and it never happened once. We never had one start and finish the year. So it becomes an issue because you can get in a rhythm and guys get hurt and you have to change your offense up, so I think if that happens then we’ll look forward to a bowl game.”


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