game suspension for Rougned Odor over Jose Bautista punch

May 24, 2017


Joe Garagiola Jr. is Major League Baseball’s Judge Dredd.In the role of senior vice president for standards and on field operations, Garagiola issues penalties for disciplinary matters for events such as the Texas Rangers Toronto Blue imbroglio. He succeeded former manager Joe Torre on the job in March, 2011.What penalty can the Ranger expect for second baseman , who staggered Toronto’s Jose Bautista with a punch after a tie up at second base? Garagiola’s past decisions offer some insight.Since opening day 2011, a total of 14 position players have received suspensions ranging from one to eight games for their roles in on the field brawls. Fines were also issued to most of the offending players.”He has likely elevated himself into one of those cases that is likely to inspire MLB to make a statement in whatever discipline it hands out,” Stark said of Odor.Stark predicts Blue manager John Gibbons and Josh Donaldson will get two game suspensions. He projects a three game sit for , who beaned later in the game.As for Bautista, Stark admits he can’t predict whether there will be a suspension over the slide.The eight gamer went to outfielder Carlos Quentin. In 2013 while with San Diego, Quentin charged then Los Angeles pitcher after being hit by a pitch. Quentin took Greinke to the ground, breaking his left collarbone in the process.In 2014, Milwaukee catcher was suspended for five games. He left the Brewers’ bench Diam and threw what was considered a sucker punch” at Pittsburgh’s , leaving him with a black eye.Three players, including two time offender , have been suspended for three games during Garagiola’s tenure. The other suspensions were for one or two games. Kansas City outfielder was the only position player suspended last season. He was out for two gamesIn the same period, eight pitchers have been suspended for their roles in brawls. Their suspensions tend to be longer because they are not everyday players.A players suspended for on the field activity cannot be replaced on the 25 man active roster. His team must play short handed during his absence.A player has the right to appeal a suspension. If a player appeals, the suspension is held in abeyance until the process is completed.John McHale, MLB’s chief information officer and executive vice president of baseball jerseys form china
administration hears appeals.Garagiola is the son of the former player and well known broadcaster who recently died. Joe Garagiola Jr. graduated from Notre Dame and Georgetown Law and was part of the group that obtained the Arizona expansion franchise. He served as the Diamondbacks’ general manager from 1997 2005 before taking an executive position with Major League Baseball.


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