Krejci out of World Cup of Hockey, Czechs look to Cervenka

January 31, 2017

PRAGUE (AP) is out of the World Cup of Hockey because the Czech needs more time to recover from hip surgery.

The Czech Ice Hockey Association said the center will be replaced by Roman Cervenka of the Swiss club HC Fribourg-Gotteron for the tournament, which starts Sept. 17 in Toronto.

”David Krejci was supposed to be one of our key players, but his health condition makes it impossible for him to participate,” Czech Republic coach Josef Jandac said in a Saturday statement. ”We have to respect that wholesale hockey jerseys.”

The 30-year-old Cervenka played twice cheap hockey nhl authentic blackhawks jersey at the Olympics for the Czechs in 2010 and 2014 and helped the team win gold at the 2010 World Championship.

In his lone NHL 2012-13 season, Cervenka had nine goals and eight assists in his 39 games for Calgary Flames cheap blues hockey jersey.

According to a text Chris Boyd sent to Batey on June 24, after Boyd arrived on the scene, “Me Carta and Vanderwall [sic] and Vandenburg helped us move her out of the hallway.” While speculation arose that Boyd was referencing Austyn Carta-Samuels in that text, the deputy district attorney said Boyd was wrong and Carta-Samuels, then the starting quarterback, was not there that night, and his name did not come up at trial. “Vanderwall” referred to tight end Dillon van der Wal, who was present in the dorm, but against whom the DA chose not to press charges. Boyd did not testify at trial, but Van der Wal did. He, along with Michael Retta, a Vanderbilt tennis player, said they saw the woman lying unconscious in the hallway. DeAndre Woods, a football player who had just arrived on campus, helped Boyd move the woman’s body from the hallway into the bed. Mack Prioleau, Vandenburg’s roommate, was also there that night, asleep in his bed when the players arrived. He saw the woman on the floor, face down, and he heard the other men talking about sex and what he said sounded like porn. Prioleau later slipped out of the room and went to sleep in a friend’s room. None of these men called the police or reported what they saw to any official.

Boyd also texted his girlfriend that night to give her an update: “I got everything cleared up and I talked to both Tip [McKenzie] and Corey already. Deleted everything. She didn’t remember [expletive] and feels bad.” In the days following the assault, the DA says that Boyd “participated in a meeting with the four defendants involved in the case at a Popeye’s chicken restaurant, where the case was discussed.”

The woman woke up in a strange bed and didn’t realize where she was until she wandered into the hall. She felt “out of it, not like myself,” she testified. She was “confused, sick, nauseous,” had pain in her left shoulder and wrist, and her right knee was bleeding. She found vomit in her hair. There were bruises on her legs and her buttocks. She eventually went back to her apartment, never realizing what had happened to her.

It took two days before word of the incident made it to the Vanderbilt police department, after Vanderbilt housing staffers viewed surveillance footage from that night while investigating vandalism of the dorm. What they found — including video of the unconscious woman being dragged around, men entering and leaving the dorm room and, at one point, Vandenburg covering the surveillance camera with a towel — prompted them to turn the tape over to police.?

James Franklin, then Vanderbilt’s head football coach, testified in October at a pre-trial hearing that he was vacationing in Florida when he was told about the incident. He quickly flew back, but upon arriving in Nashville was instructed by the school’s legal staff to “stay out of it.” He held a team meeting, though, where he told the team he had seen video of the incident; he said at that same pre-trial hearing that he had lied to his players and had “spoke as if I had seen the video because I was angry and upset and didn’t want to water down the message to them.”?

When the police contacted the woman on June 26, three days after the assault, she says that she at first told them what Vandenburg had told her had happened: In the afternoon on the day of the assault, she testified that “he told me that I had gotten sick in his room and he had to clean it up and that it was horrible and that he had to spend the night taking care of me and it was horrible.” In response to hearing this, she said, “I apologized. I was embarrassed.” Later when Vandenburg told her he feared that he and his teammates “might get kicked off the football team” because he was “getting blamed for stuff that didn’t happen,” she vowed to help him clear his name. The following day, though, she went for a medical exam.?

By June 29 the four players had been dismissed from the team. On July 13 the athletic department barred Vanderbilt student-athletes from patronizing the Tin Roof. (David?Williams, the vice chancellor for Athletics and University Affairs, later told the local media that it was not related to the June 23 incident, but rather that “he worried that student-athletes were being given free drinks — a possible violation of NCAA rules.”)?

On Aug. 9, Vandenburg, Batey, McKenzie, and Banks were all indicted on charges of aggravated rape and sexual battery. Vandenburg was charged additionally with a count of unlawful photography and tampering with evidence. A week later Boyd was suspended from the team when he was indicted as an accessory after the fact. All of the players pleaded not guilty to all charges.?

In October 2013, the district attorney announced that the cases of McKenzie and Banks would be separated from Vandenburg and Batey, meaning that two joint trials would take place. While both Banks and McKenzie were expected to testify at trial, only McKenzie did. He hopes to get a plea deal.?


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