MLB should create ‘weather czar’ position

June 6, 2017


ESPN insider Buster Olney’s big takeaway was the impossible situation the umpires were in when they had no option to suspend the game in the 9th inning, which Olney says probably would have been the best option:

MLB should create a position where some sort of commonsense overlord helps identify those occasional situations when it might be best to suspend the game which was probably the case on Monday for the Rangers and . .

The umpires charged with the administration of Monday’s game didn’t really have the power to do that. It’s not their responsibility to take a big picture view of the schedule, the forecasts for the days ahead, and just say: “Look, we’ve been sitting here waiting a couple of hours for the rain to stop and it hasn’t happened, but the forecast for Tuesday looks good, so let’s just send everybody home and pick up tomorrow night at 7:05, and then play the regularly scheduled game afterward.”

With the benefit of 20 20 hindsight, that’s probably what should’ve happened. Girardi probably wouldn’t have complained as ardently as he did if had just thrown strikes instead of hitting batters after midnight, but he and Banister and just about everybody who talked about what happened has a point. The conditions were much less than ideal, and play should have been deferred until the weather was better. Maybe it cheap wholesale jerseys
could be commissioner Rob Manfred, aided by a staff member, a weather czar anointed to assess whether bad situations can be avoided through the simple application of logic.

The Rangers ended up benefiting from the rain delay because Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman had to be lifted from the game after the delay, but there was a time where it was unclear if the game would be able to be restarted.

If it wasn’t, the game would have been called and the Yankees would have won 6 5. That’s why the umpires waited so long to get the game finished, much to Yankees manager Joe Girardi’s dismay.


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