National writer rips Rangers’ signing of Ian Desmond

June 10, 2017


Others, like ESPN’s Keith Law, think the deal is too much of a stretch and doesn’t make sense. Here’s what Law had to say about the signing:

“What I don’t get about the deal for the Rangers is they could have cobbled together something very close to what Desmond will likely provide them from pieces already on their roster. Desmond’s career line (all with the Nats) is .264/.312/.424, which is no better than the total for all MLB left fielders in 2015 (.256/.321/.416), and that’s before we consider that Desmond had the worst year of his career last season and might be worse than his career line indicates. Dan Szymborski’s ZiPS projects Desmond to hit .246/.301/.417 in 2016, “good” for a .308 wOBA and just 1.2 WAR in left field. cheap authentic jerseys
I’m willing to accept that last season is a fluke, but his 2014 season was pretty much his career average anyway, and it’s unrealistic to forecast him to be more than that going forward. Even if he adapts well to playing left field, the Rangers are left hoping he can be an average player.”

Law goes on to draw out a possible alternative the Rangers could have taken instead of spending $8 million on Desmond and losing the 19th overall pick as a result. He points to off season addition as an alternative, showing that his overall numbers aren’t too much worse than Desmonds, if at all.

He does point out that the signing may be part of a plan to push to perform better this season:

“Perhaps the Rangers see something in Desmond we don’t, such as the potential to press Elvis Andrus, who has stagnated at the plate for three years, even losing ground in the past two (and he had little to lose), and perhaps take over at short at some point.”


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