NCAA penalizes Ole Miss womens basketball

February 16, 2017

OXFORD, Miss. (AP) The NCAA has penalized for violations in its women’s basketball and track programs and placed the athletic department on probation through 2019.

The ruling by the committee on infractions Friday also includes show-cause penalties for several coaches involved with the two sports, including a two-year penalty for former women’s basketball coach . The NCAA cited academic fraud in the women’s basketball program and impermissible recruiting by the track team.

The NCAA also accepted several of the school’s previously self-imposed penalties in the case, including a 2013 postseason ban for women’s basketball and restrictions in recruiting and scholarships.

The NCAA also said the investigation of the school’s football team is ongoing and that inquiry has been separated from the cases involving women’s basketball and track.

Vandenburg then called Boyd and asked him to come to his dorm in Gillette Hall. According to the DA’s statement, Vandenburg told Boyd “that the victim had been ‘messed with in the hall’ and sexually assaulted in the room, and he needed Mr. Boyd to come over.” Vandenburg was there with three other football players: Cory Batey, Brandon Banks and Jaborian McKenzie. Batey, Banks, and McKenzie were close friends. During the trial, McKenzie testified that the three of them were “like brothers … We were best friends.”

Vandenburg had only arrived in Nashville a few weeks earlier and barely knew Batey, Banks and McKenzie. He had spotted Banks and McKenzie walking back from a middle-of-the-night food run; Batey met them just outside the dorm, and Vandenburg asked them to help him move the body of the unconscious woman to his dorm room.?

Vandenburg had met up with the woman at a local bar, The Tin Roof, earlier that night. She was working that summer for Vanderbilt athletics and was about to enter her senior year. She testified that the two had seen each other three or four times in the two weeks prior to the assault. At the bar Vandenburg gave her multiple drinks, and after the fourth one, a blue drink she said he called a “California Long Island Iced Tea,” she remembers almost nothing until she woke up the next morning around 8 a.m. According to the DA’s opening statement at trial, the woman and Vandenburg first went back to her apartment, then Vandenburg drove them in her car to his dorm. With Banks’ help, he got her body into the elevator and onto the second floor. Batey and McKenzie joined them there.

In Vandenburg’s dorm room, according to the testimony of multiple witnesses and video and photographic evidence uncovered by police from the players’ cellphones and surveillance footage in the dorm, Batey raped the woman and Vandenburg, Banks, and McKenzie took pictures and video of the incident. Vandenburg tried to join in but was unable to achieve an erection, which witnesses say he blamed on being high on cocaine. Prosecutors argued that Vandenburg facilitated the assault, passing out condoms sport jerseys wholesale, encouraging Banks to assault her with a water bottle, and flushing the condoms down the toilet later. Because aggravated rape is a “general intent crime,” prosecutors needed to prove that Vandenburg intended to commit sexual assault and that the sexual assault occurred, but they did not need to prove that Vandenburg himself committed the act.?

According to McKenzie’s testimony during the trial, Batey undressed the woman and then penetrated her with his fingers. Banks touched her and took photos of her. Vandenburg and Batey both slapped her buttocks a few times to see if she was going to wake up. Batey also urinated on her.?

Vandenburg sent photos and videos of the assault to two friends in California. Later, Prosecutors say, Vandenburg flew to California and destroyed both phones. But one of the men had already downloaded the files to his computer, and Nashville police recovered them. In exchange for their testimony in court, the friends were offered a lesser charge of attempted accessory after the fact, down from felony count of tampering with evidence. One of the men took it immediately after testifying and will be on unsupervised probation for the next year. The other has yet to do the same.


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