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August 13, 2017


Getty ImagesOriginally drafted by the Utah Jazz No. 47 overall in 2012 out of Tennessee Tech, the 6’6″ swingman bounced around the D League, NBA and France for a year and a half.In January, the Stampede picked him up, and he has torched the minor leagues for nearly three months now. He’s posting a blistering 26.3 points per game on 49.4 percent shooting, including 10 30 plus point games.What makes him the D League’s top dog?Murphy won’t likely be a standout or even a featured weapon if he earns a sustained NBA role, but he can be a useful rotational scorer due to his instincts and shooting ability.With a knack for moving to the open creases in the defense and a smooth shooting stroke with a high release, he gives himself a good chance to score on every possession. Although he’s not an elite athlete or top level ball handler, he can score in a variety of ways.His cheap elite jerseys
three point shot has been solid since college, but in Idaho he’s finally getting a chance to showcase its full potential. The Stampede’s stable of guards, including since departed sensation Pierre Jackson (he now plays in Turkey), has done a great job of finding him in the corner and on the wing.Murphy is shooting 39.5 percent from three point land, and while it’s a strength of his game, he doesn’t force many shots. His triples normally fly within the flow of the offense, and he rarely chucks more than seven treys a game, even when he’s carrying the squad. It’s that rare breed of aggressive efficiency.On the interior and mid range areas, he’s equally dangerous.Murphy loves setting up shop on the weak side corner and then quickly sneaking along the baseline behind the defense for easy layups. He also finds high percentage scoring opportunities off curl cuts and dribble hand offs, where he gets moving toward the hoop with one or two dribbles.On drives from the wing, he can pump fake on the perimeter and finish at the rim with either hand, including the ability to climb the ladder and dunk. In the event that defenders physically cut off his drive, he can spin into a short floater or pull up, or he can step back for a mid range jumper.When he gets defenders moving laterally, he has a talent for swiftly rising up off one leg for a short jumper. Not many D League scorers can do that, and it’s a difficult play to counter.When he came out of college, Murphy wasn’t the most polished team player, but he has grown in the passing department since his days at Tennessee Tech. He talked to SB Nation’s Ridiculous Upside about his development at that end of the floor, per Dakota Schmidt:Just being tuned in on the defensive side of the game. I believe that everyone wants to score the ball, so I just want to become a good defender. Being locked in, rebounding, and [doing] whatever I can do to help the team win. I just want to be able to guard the other team’s best player.With his 6’7″ wingspan and ample mobility, Murphy does a decent job of staying in front of his man and maintaining good spacing as a weak side helper. While he doesn’t display tremendous one on one defensive skills, you can tell he knows how to play within the team’s system and be an effective part of a unit.Draft Expresslikes Murphy’s defensive exploits, even if they aren’t off the charts:Size, quickness and awareness go a long way defensively, and those traits could help keep Murphy on the floor and allow him to exhibit his offensive wares.NBA clubs may be a little concerned about his slender, 185 pound frame, so when he gets his next cameo, he must prove he can body up NBA wings and not get bullied on either end of the floor.


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