NFL great Rulon Jones enjoys life in the great outdoors

October 15, 2017


first, before I got busy into the hunts, it was a little hard, honestly. That kinda when it was a little funky to watch football, Jones admitted. weird; they even have a name for it post football syndrome. Now you heard so much about the brain injuries and all that. But the thing that I think more than anything is, you been this thing I even see it with missionaries they a missionary for two years, that their identity. And then they go home and then they wonder, am I? They have this identity for that amount of time.

had a really good first season, a good second year, and I made alternate All Pro my second year and everybody said this guy, he got to be All Pro, Jones recalled. then I blew my knee out against the and it was my posterior cruciate, and they don repair those. It was all about sacks, all about numbers, and I was saying that third year, this is my year. And I started out really good and had four or five sacks the first few games, so after the injury, it was all about getting back and playing again.

At his ranch in Idaho, hunters can go after deer, elk, moose, buffalo and bear, and there are several options to choose from. They can stay in the hunting lodge located up in the pines overlooking the Tetons, or they can it a little bit by staying at the spike camp. They can hunt using the weapon of their choice rifle, cheap nfl jerseys
bow and arrow, or muzzleloader and they have the choice of traveling by foot, horseback or ATV. They can hunt in the 5,000 acre high fence area or hunt on the 5,000 acre free range. For a base fee of $5,900, they get a guided five day hunt in which results of getting an elk are guaranteed. After all, he estimates there are around 1,000 head of elk on the Idaho spread.


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