Padres strike prospect gold flipping Drew Pomeranz to Red Sox

February 1, 2017

The neeDe d a starter — really, they neeDe d two, so now they need just one — but even though they got a good one, they paid a huge by surrenDe ring their top pitching prospect, one of the best arms in all of Minor League baseball. has become a different guy this year with the addition of a hard cutter to his arsenal. It’s a pitch that misses bats and has maDe his fastball more effective as well because hitters can’t time it and square it up so easily wholesale mlb jerseys online. The fifth overall pick way back in 2010 by CleveLa nd, now traDe d for the fourth time in his career, had a big curveball but a rough livery, and never veloped enough of a changeup to get right- e d batters out multiple times per game. Prior to 2016, right- e rs hit .242/.325/.396 against him, while he held lefties to a .184/.265/.251 line. This year, he has shown no pLa toon split thanks to cheap replica mlb jerseys the introduction of the cutter, and he could probably drop the changeup completely and just use those three pitches instead.

Less than a week later the university suspended the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity for what The Tennessean described as “a rush-related email making light of an ongoing rape case,” that of the four football players. The next month, in November 2013, O’Brien was one of six women who filed a formal complaint with the Office of Civil Rights against the university, claiming the school had violated their civil rights under Title IX by failing to adequately respond to the issue of sexual assault. In April the Office of Civil Rights announced that it had launched a compliance review in response to the complaint.?

Elizabeth P. Latt, assistant vice chancellor of News and Communications at Vanderbilt, says that the university is “committed to doing everything we can, and everything the law requires, to address sexual misconduct on our campus.” This includes opening “a new center dedicated to victim advocacy services, Project Safe,” promoting a bystander intervention program called Green Dots, and “publiciz[ing] information about informed consent and produc[ing] … a series of videos created to educate students about the types of power-based personal violence as well as the relevant laws, policies, warning signs and campus resources available.” When asked specifically about what the university does to address sexual violence with its athletes, since at least nine were either perpetrators, accomplices, or witnesses that night, Latt again said “bystander intervention,” which is “stressed to our student-athletes and Athletic Department staff in team sessions, orientations, wellness programs, and workshops.” Green Dot is promoted at athletic events; the athletics department works closely with campus partners “to ensure that both student-athletes and Athletic Department staff are educated about sexual harassment, including sexual violence”; and the Athletics Department “provides ongoing leadership and personal development training for its student athletes.”

The ripples from the case go beyond Vanderbilt’s campus, spreading as far as the Tennessee legislature and the state supreme court. There is an ongoing tug of war over how much the public should be privy to about this case.?

On October 16, 2013, Brian Haas, a staff writer at the time for The Tennessean, reported that earlier in the month the defendant’s attorneys agreed “to keep video and photo evidence secret” under a protective order. By the end of October, The Tennessean had formally requested through its attorney that the Nashville police release documents related to the case, saying the police denying access was possibly a violation of the Tennessee Public Records Act. The police once again denied the paper’s request in late November.?


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