Panthers fly into Divisional Round

October 18, 2017


We have thrown the NFL Postseason Power Rankings out there. You’d better read them before we pick ’em up .

Yes, everyone’s still talking about Sunday’s flag fiasco in Dallas. The got jobbed, at least in the eyes of many, in a game as hotly contested as the wild card bout one year ago. For details on the play, please read the Lions blurb below. I, too, thought Detroit deserved better, but my reasoning’s different than what you’ve heard elsewhere.

Well, then . Apparently, I wasn’t alone in recalling that infamous non call, which ironically occurred almost 20 years ago to the day. Need a jog down memory lane? Take a look:

Yes, that “Prime Time” arm bar impacted the outcome of the 1994 NFC Championship Game and the ’ shot at an unprecedented threepeat. With Dallas down 38 28 and half the fourth quarter to play, a touchdown would have pulled the within three. Instead Deion Sanders’ obvious PI on Michael Irvin committed inside the 5 yard line, by the way was never called. (Hey, at least it wasn’t called and then picked up, right?)

That controversial Sanders Irvin play was impactful, but it did not decide the day. No, three Cowboy turnovers in the first few minutes of the game accomplished that. Similarly, Sunday’s controversial call/non call didn’t bury Detroit. The Lions still had the lead, and they still had eight minutes with which to go win that game.

On the subject of the Lions, we have them as the best team to lose on Wild Card Weekend. What a solid season for the men in Honolulu Blue a campaign that should earn Jim Caldwell some Coach of the Year mention.

How does everyone else stack up? Well, you’ll have to
take a look below. And as you’ll see, we’re only ranking the teams that made the postseason tourney. Like the league, the Power Rankings whittle down the participant pool in the new year.

(NOTE: Arrows reflect change in standings from the most recent Power Rankings.)Denver moves up a notch after getting a week’s worth of rest. It’s also another week for

to, in theory, get some strength back on his throws as well as another week to get

Ronnie Hillman reincorporated into the offense. Anderson Hillman committee a lot more than anticipated. Running the football and playing defense (which the

can do) isn’t the worst thing. After all, that is the formula Seattle used to annihilate Denver in

Super Bowl XLVIII.

Somebody wake up Carolina and tell the

they started the season 3 8 1. Or don’t.

Ron Rivera’s group suddenly has become a fun one to keep your eye on. Obviously, the defense has been a huge factor, but running back

’s productivity can’t be denied. On another note, can any

Panthers fans explain to me why they were having

take seven step drops when the

only way Arizona was going to score was via a turnover? The

Panthers were practically begging for a strip sack, when all they had to do was run three times into the line, burn clock and play some D. Any explanation will do.


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