Predictions Based on Rumors Surrounding Available Veterans

October 23, 2017


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We’re now a few days deep into the 2017 edition of NFL free agency. While many of the pool’s top talents have been snatched up, there are still plenty of quality players available.

Standout running back remains unsigned, as does linebacker Dont’a Hightower. The Cleveland Brown recently released quarterback onto the market, and the Dallas may soon do the same with .

What does the next stage cheap throwback jerseys
of free agency have in store? While we can’t totally be sure, we do have plenty of swirling rumors to go by. We’re going to examine some of the latest here, while providing our own predictions for each situation.

Latest Buzz

Shopping Osweiler

We mentioned that the Browns released Griffin, though he isn’t likely to generate a ton of interest on the open market. However, Griffin might not be the only quarterback the Browns send to the open market this offseason.

See, the Browns essentially rocked the football world on the opening day of free agency by trading for Houston quarterback Brock Osweiler. The shocker wasn’t necessarily that the Browns traded for Osweiler (though that was a bit surprising) but that Cleveland didn’t really do the deal for Osweiler.

Houston sent a second round draft pick to Cleveland as part of the deal so that the Browns would take on Osweiler’s hefty contract. The Browns would also eat a portion of Osweiler’s $16 million contract, as much as half, sources say.

If the Browns cannot trade Osweiler, per Cabot, they will simply release him. If there’s a team out there with any real interest in the quarterback, they may be inclined to do a deal to secure him before he hits the open market.

Prediction: Browns don’t get their third round pick, but do manage to move Osweiler.

Teams Not Interested in Trading for Romo

The Cowboys have yet to release Romo, as the team is looking to deal the quarterback rather than simply release him. Cowboys will have to release him.

3/11/2017, 6:43:16 PM

The two teams that have been most linked to Romo to this point are the Denver and the Texans. By clearing Osweiler’s contract off the books, the Texans now have the cap space to pursue Romo should he hit the open market.

The Denver Broncos also have the cap space nearly $18 million, per Spotrac though they might not be as interested in signing the oft injured veteran. No meetings/ discussions regarding him have taken place

3/9/2017, 3:46:56 PM

Of course, the Cowboys didn’t release Romo right away, and this is perhaps why the Broncos didn’t begin champing at the bit to plan for him. The reality is that the Broncos still have and Paxton Lynch on the roster and would only need to plan for Romo should his addition become imminent.

Given Denver’s reported lack of interest in Romo, there isn’t really any reason for the Texans to jump with a trade offer either. It certainly feels like Dallas is destined to dump Romo at some point, so teams can bide their time and focus on other moves until then.


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