Rangers fans will dearly miss Fox Sports Southwest’s between

June 19, 2017

Seems MLB Network’s School of Jim Knox segment has been a regular bit on MLB Network’s daily, Intentional Talk show for years. “He’s been the life of the party of Rangers games,” Watney told viewers.

And then the tape rolled. He tried to play football at LSU, hurt his neck and transferred to Sam Houston State in Huntsville, just up I 45 from Conroe. He majored in education, hoping to get into coaching but was smitten when he took a broadcast class in the Dan Rather Communications Building.

When it came time to look for a job, he sent out tapes to television sports departments around the country. inquired if he knew anything about NASCAR. He said he loved it. Before reporting for duty, he bought magazines to learn everything he could about a sport about which he knew nothing.

Then it was on to Panama City, Fla.; Tyler, Texas; and Austin, where he met wholesale jerseys
and married Jennifer Waterhouse, a former member of the University of Texas women’s golf team. Tired of the sportscasting grind, he caught on with Fox Sports Southwest in 2002. Knox worked the sidelines on college football games but found his true calling in Arlington.

Over the years, the less successful the season, the more camera time Knox got over long summers.

Once he saw a father catch a foul ball, hand it to his young daughter and look on in horror as she threw it over the rail. Knox, the father of three who is married to a former University of Texas golfer, bought the daughter an autographed baseball at a souvenir stand, sped over and reported the event. And no, he never thought to put the purchase on an expense account.

When a woman sitting in the home run porch in right field used her iPhone to shield her face from an incoming missile, Knox raced over to show the world her smashed screen. That was good for more than 300,000 clicks on the FSSW website.

And here’s a story you never saw. Roaming the upper deck during Byron Nelson week, he came across a familiar face sitting all alone. As he and his cameraman approached, Phil Mickelson, enjoying his privacy, asked to be allowed to watch the game. Knox walked away from the story.

Now, after being separated from Rangers duty, Knox is showing similar civility. He has nothing but nice things to say about the team. He expects to do some fill in studio work for FSSW. He also owns a television production company, Knoxie Entertainment, and has an interest in six Gold’s Gym franchises with plans to expand with six more.

“I would like to stress how thankful I am to the Rangers for letting me roam the stadium the past 15 years,” he wrote in a follow up text to our discussion. “I wish them the best of luck.”


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