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June 21, 2017


The announcement will come Tuesday night at the MLB All Star game.: Most popular everydayRangerof all time for good reason. Great performance year after year.Nolan Ryan:Franchisewasn’t on anyone’s map north of Denton County until this guy came along and set strikeout, no hit records.: The anchor and the leader of the teams that finally achieved playoff success, seven time All Star. Earned the first award in 1996, when the club broke through the cannot win in the Texas heat barrier.: Central figure on the landmark World Series clubs of 2010 11. That does not happen without Hamilton.: Best home grown player in franchise history. A 10 time All Star and 1999 American League Most Valuable Player.Nolan Ryan: Saved the franchise twice. Generated enthusiasm needed to get new ballpark built. Stabilizing figure during the drawn out bankruptcy process. And don’t forget two no hitters and getting Rickey Henderson for career strikeout No. 5,000.Columnist Rick Gosselin: Ten all star appearances, 10 Gold Gloves and American League MVP
honors in 1999 about sums it up.Kenny Rogers: Pitched more games than anyone in franchise history with a 133 96 record to show for it. His exclamation point is the only perfect game in franchise history plus four Gold Gloves.Nolan Ryan: There is only one plaque in Cooperstown with a hat bearing a Texas Rangers logo that of Ryan. Two no hitters and career strikeout No. 5,000 came during his tenure with the Rangers.: Let’s see Young played in more games than anyone in franchise history and has the most hits, the most multi hit games, the most singles, doubles, triples and a .301 career average. Therefore, Hamilton moves ahead of Juan Gonzalez. There were so many memorable moments during his run with the team from 2008 12 excluding the dropped pop fly in the 2012 finale that he is indelibly etched into the club’s history. And his return after a two years of self imposed exile in Anaheim has proven that fans have always identified with him. Gonzalez was the brooding slugger; Hamilton the man of the people. These exercises are for the people.: The best all around player ever developed by the club. He will be the first player to go into the Hall of Fame known for his Rangers career above all else. Maybe Bench and Berra were better catchers. Maybe. Pudge is somewhere on the all time medal stand.Nolan Ryan: There were bigger contributors on the mound, namely Kenny Rogers, Charlie Hough and Kevin Brown. But Ryan brought a sense of legitimacy on the field when he arrived in 1989 and an identity to the club with his 5,000th strikeout and his two no hitters after the age of 40. He did it again when he returned as an executive in 2008. On a Rangers Mt. Rushmore, he plays the part of Teddy Roosevelt: Rough and tumble, an outdoorsman and a populist.


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