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June 24, 2017


Cleveland would have been comfortable leaving a two game road trip at 1 1. Instead, James and the Cavsdecided to try to upend the Warriors at their own game and received a devastating beatdown in Sunday’s Game 2, making it 2 0 in favor of Golden State.The Warriors have now won seven consecutive games against the Cavaliers, the longest streak cheap authentic jerseys
of any team against James, according to ESPN Stats Info. The show next hits the road Wednesday for Game 3, but it’s hard not to imagine Golden State eyes a sweep.In fact, it’s safe to presume Game 3 acts as either the turning point of the series or its end. Here’s a look at how to catch the decisive matchup. It’s a wild bit of perspective on how great the Warriors look, as Cleveland still went 57 25 this season, lost just eight games at home and needed all of 14 games to reach the Finals.So it seems to go against these Warriors, though. In Game 1, a 104 89 decision, Stephen Curry scored just 11 points, and Klay Thompson added nine while the bench erupted for 45.Game 2? A 110 77 throttling with Curry posting 18 and Thompson 17. The duo sat back and enjoyed the Draymond Green show, as he posted a game high 28 points. The Warriors shot 54 percent to Cleveland’s 35 percent, grabbed more rebounds (52 47) and dished more assists (26 15). It’s a trap to think that we’ve figured things out, that we have the perfect formula to beat Cleveland and they have no chance in the series. That’s not how we’re supposed to think.And he’s right Cleveland won’t just sit down and let this series go. But it’s hard to imagine where the team can improve other than actually knocking down shots, which clearly isn’t as easy as it sounds.James has scored just 23 and 19 points over the first two contests, respectively, though he almost posted a triple double in each. But he’s also turned the ball over a total of 11 times. The help he got from Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love on the journey here has evaporated, with Love totaling 22 points and Irving 36.6/6/2016, 2:05:09 AMLove and Cleveland have had a hard time matching Golden State’s small ball lineup, which is made worse with fewer options to counter what seems like one of the deepest benches in a long time. Provided Love cannot break through protocol before the third game, this appears to be nothing but a bad development.The Cavaliers have a pair of home games to figure this out. Sunday’s plan backfired in almost predictable fashion, but if the offense can get open guys to knock down shots and attempt to dictate the tempo, it’s not impossible to get Golden State out of a rhythm on the road.It’s hard to throw weight behind Cleveland when the Warriors have shot 49 percent or better from the floor over the first two games of the series.The Warriors haven’t even needed Curry and Thompson to pour it on yet something undoubtedly in the works when the situation calls for it. Off ball screens continue to crush the Cavaliers, as almost any and every Warrior continues to knock down shots.Going into Game 3, the notion the Warriors bench will cool doesn’t even matter. More interesting now is how those in charge of awards pick a series MVP from the Warriors, a silly deep team doing whatever it wants.That’s where this series stands. Golden State has always had the roster to counter Cleveland well. It won’t change or stop knocking down shots now due to an away game. Look for the Warriors to roll now that Cleveland has started suffering losses and has yet to close the gap, instead watching helplessly as it continues to grow.


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