Swedens Zetterberg out of World Cup of Hockey with injury

January 26, 2017

Worrick Robinson, Batey’s attorney, said that he and his colleague Liz Powers “are 100 percent confident that no case material from our office was given to ABC news or 20/20 … we are happy to accept the challenge by District Attorney Glenn Funk to testify under oath regarding any question the Court may have about the video footage. I was just as surprised as others to see the video footage and tapes involved in this trial that aired on national TV.”?

For its part, Vanderbilt is still under a compliance review by the Office of Civil Rights for possible Title IX violations. The vice chancellor for public affairs, Beth Fortune, released a statement in which she said, “the conduct revealed by the evidence at trial was profoundly disturbing and utterly unacceptable. Our heart goes out the victim.” Zeppos, the chancellor of Vanderbilt, said in a statement that he is “deeply troubled that some students who knew or should have known about the incident that led to this week’s convictions failed to take any action. This is not the culture at Vanderbilt.”?

During the trial Robinson, Batey’s lawyer, argued that Vanderbilt has a “culture of sexual freedom, of sexual experimentation. It was a culture that encouraged sexual promiscuity.” He added, “there was also a culture of alcohol and alcohol consumption.” It was this culture and his client’s extreme alcohol consumption, he argued, that was to blame for what happened that night in June. In his closing statement, Deputy District Attorney Tom Thurman countered Robinson: “The culture you really saw was entitled athletes thinking the rules don’t apply to them. Their mindset,” he argued, was “that they can get away with anything.”

general manager Ken Holland confirmed in a text message to The Associated Press that Zetterberg injured his knee during off-ice training. The Swedish Ice Hockey Association said forward will replace Zetterberg on the World Cup roster. feels that he can’t go 100 percent at the time of the World Cup and has to turn down the spot on our team, Sweden coach Rickard Gronborg said in a statement. ”We feel that with Mikael Backlund we will get an internationally experienced player that is very versatile and responsible . His second half of the season with the Flames was very strong, where he showed that he is a premier all-around player in the NHL.

Zetterberg had been named Sweden’s captain. He’s the second Red Wings player to withdraw from Sweden’s team because of injury, following defenseman . The 35-year-old Zetterberg has 836 points in 915 NHL games and 85 points in 119 games of international play for Sweden .A back injury forced him out of the 2014 Sochi Olympics after one game. Sweden reached the final in Sochi without Zetterberg and lost to Canada.The World Cup begins Sept. 17 in Toronto.


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