The Top 10 Types of Michael Jordan Haters

August 27, 2017


NBANBA: The Top 10 Types of Haters Zachmo MarsupalamiCorrespondent IMarch 17, 2011NBA: The Top 10 Types of Haters 0 of 11It is truthfully rather awesome that people creep out of the woodwork to try and hate on the guy we all know is the greatest basketballplayerof all time. It is funny and edgy and cool to try and down Mike.

There are so many reasons and ways people try to minimize MJ’s legend as the GOAT, even though they all know he is the greatest. Their efforts all fall short because there has not been a player as good as MJ before or after he played, and it’s obvious.

I truly believe that hate is inherent to men, so it never surprises me to hear from a hater. I expect it, as it is inevitable. But some of the reasons people hate on MJ are hilarious and some are thought provoking, but they all come from people who are haters.

These are 10 different hate groups, who are for some reason against the GOAT.

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To put it simply: Kobe wishes.

He always has to. In fact, it is obvious; he always aspired to the level of Jordan but always fell either WAY or just a little short.

It is cool that Kobe tried to be like Mike, which is initself a genius move. More players should havecompletelyattempted to mold their game after Mike’s, and this basketball world would be a much better place. Too bad Kobe is such an ass about every thing.

Just looking at Kobe talk is like watching a liar speak to you when you know they are lying. That’s how millions of us see Kobe. It would be foolish.

It is blatantly obvious that children by definition are too young to properly make rational decisions when it comes to analyzing a league that is 65 years old.

Children are so easily caught up in the hype, so if someone was not around when MJ played, I never ever listen to their opinion, unless they truly studied.

Kids are funny and cute, but some of them are Jordan haters, because they never saw the GOAT play, except maybe on aYouTubeclip, which is awesome, because at least they have that to show them reality. I do not even want to get into the whole situation because it is so funny that a person too young to have been there says something about it.

I am not youth obsessed so I see theweaknessesin logic. The NBA is youth obsessed and that is why since the mid 1990s, the NBA talent pool has fallen off big time. When a player who shoots 45 percent is considered great, that’s when we know the 1990s were better, because people went to college. Letting 18 year olds in is retarded.

I guess skipping college is not a cheap wholesale jerseys
good idea: Kobe averaged 7.6 ppg as a rookie and shot 41 percent, which taints him. MJ put in 28.2 as a rookie on 51.5 percent shooting.

They just shot better back in the day plain and simple.

Apparentlypeople do not realize that Jordan was rookie of the year, scored anall timeplayoff high 63 points and led the NBA in scoring with 37.1 points per game before came along.

In Pippen’s rookie year (in which he averaged 7 points per game), Michael Jordan was NBA MVP and Defensive Player of the Year. It took three years of practicing with a bitchy Jordan for Pippen to even play that good at all.

Pippen was smart enough to not leave Jordan’s side, but it only made Pippen look better and not vice versa. MJ was fine without any particular player around him as his sidekick. Jordan stands alone as GOAT and Pippen is but a footnote.


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