Tom Brady, Matt Forte among players most affected by offensive line changes – fantasy football 2016

January 9, 2017

Hall of Fame general manager Jim Finks once noted that Walter Payton, one of the greatest running backs in NFL history, was only going to be as productive as the Chicago ‘ blocking would allow him to be .

The need for good blocking is just as true in the world of fantasy football, as it’s the type of factor that can turn borderline players into stars and vice versa.

So which fantasy players are likely to see their values greatly increase or decrease based on improved or diminished offensive line play in 2016?

The list starts with a player who was able to make a strong fantasy MVP case last season despite his team having a league-worst ranking in offensive line continuity.

If there’s one pitcher who really needs to kick off the post-break action with a strong effort, it’s Chris Archer . The problem is he’s tasked with slowing down the high-flying Baltimore Orioles , albeit at home in Tropicana Field. Strikeouts have not been an issue for the Tampa Bay Ray s right-Hand e r; control and homers, however, have been major concerns. The visitors’ wOBA versus righties is second best in the League , but they also whiff a lot, renDe ring Archer a prototypical GPP hurler mlb clothing cheap.

Anthony De ScLa fani hopes the long La yoff won’t slow the roll he was on. The Cincinnati Reds right-Hand e r was in a groove after missing the first couple months of the season with a strained left oblique. In the four outings previous to the break, the La st of which was nine days ago, De ScLa fani fanned an impressive 25 to only three walks in those 27 2/3 innings. He’s in a great spot to build on that as the Milwaukee Brewers and the League ‘s poorest strikeout rate versus righties open a series in the Great American Ballpark. The punchout potential yields De ScLa fani as a fine tournament option with a floor safe enough to use in DFS cash pLa y as well.

Justin VerLa nDe r ‘s walk and whiff rates are on a par with when he was one of the top hurlers in the League . However, he’s serving up more homers and isn’t going as De ep into games. The De troit Tigers righty is still capable of a dominating performance at any time; there’s also more of a chance he turns in a clunker. The Kansas City Royals open the post-break festivities in Motown, toting a League -average offense into Comerica Park. There’s nothing special giving VerLa nDe r a high DFS ceiling, but there’s also nothing hurting his floor. If you’re pLa ying just one contest there are better options, but if you’re a multi-lineup grinDe r, you’ll want some exposure.

If you own Kyle Hendricks in seasonal League s, beware, regression is impending. That said, the La nding point is still quite useful assuming his actual 2.55 ERA adds just the run portenDe d by his 3.46 FIP and 3.85 xFIP. The Chicago Cubs righty is better suited for DFS cash action since his floor is more bankable than hoping for a high strikeout effort. This is especially true with the Texas Rangers visiting Wrigley Field as the guests don’t whiff much. However, keep in mind this is an afternoon contest so it won’t be on the main DFS sLa tes.

The fact Jaime GArcia is still healthy asiDe , there are some disappointed with his 4.01 ERA, after all he posted a 2.43 mark La st season. Well, it appears 2015 is the outlier as the St. Louis Cardinals lefty’s 2016 numbers are in line with the years previous to La st season’s stelLa r Camp aign. However, it wouldn’t be shocking if nine days between starts serves to recharge the oft-injured veteran. The visiting Miami Marlins offer GArcia a nice pLa tform to get things going as they’re about average versus southpaws with an above-average strikeout rate. GArcia is a cheaper option for tournament pLa y.

Bud Norris has absolutely stunk when facing the Arizona Diamondbacks , sporting a 13.93 ERA in 21 1/3 innings, covering eight appearances with three of those in relief. Guess how many occurred this year? One — that’s it, just one. Norris faced the Snakes twice in 2009 (one start), another start in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2015 with a relief outing in 2013. But yet the prevailing analysis will be to faDe Norris based on stuff that Happ ened when the D-backs’ lineup was completely different. This is not to say that Norris will exact revenge, only that previous outcomes should be categorically ignored. This is a road game in a hitters’ park, that hurts Norris . But the hosts fan at an above-average clip and Norris has punched out 40 in his past 35 1/3 innings. Looks like the perfect chance to get low ownership on a GPP-Worth y hurler.


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