Why Ian Kinsler is the ‘most self

July 9, 2017


Here are some highlights.

Most improved team in the AL West . ?

Gerry Fraley: Good question. Probably the Halos, because they made a good defense better with Maybin, Revere and Espinosa. The are into run prevention, because they lack bats.

Do you think this year’s WBC will have a long lasting effect on its perception to all players going forward?

Gerry Fraley: Just don’t see it. There is no incentive for players such as Kershaw and Trout to participate. Their obligations are to their team and preparing for the regular season.

What did you think of ’s comments on styles of play in the WBC and his follow up clarification?

Gerry Fraley: Consider the source. This is the same guy
who had no interest in helping even though several other players had helped him at a similar stage of his career. Most self absorbed player I’ve ever been around.

Why is it that MLB MVPs can be determined on just statistics (see: Trout, Mike) despite lack of team success, whereas Russell Westbrook may average a triple double in the NBA and has his case hurt by that same lack of team success?

Gerry Fraley: MLB MVPs are not determined solely by statistics. Voters have the leeway to factor in importance to team. It is the best system. I have no idea what the NBA does.

What’s been the biggest surprise of Rangers’ spring training?

Gerry Fraley: That recovered from last year’s disappointment. He took it upon himself to fix his game. Good for DeShields.

Which of the players who left Texas this offseason do you anticipate having the most/least success with new clubs in 2017?

Gerry Fraley: If makes it back from a broken bone in the left hand during April, he will put up big numbers in Colorado. Mitch Moreland is in a good spot with Boston. He is being asked to play a complementary role, and he can play handball with The Monster.


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